Second try at scanning my own negatives,still not at all happy with the results,probably just keep paying the professionals.Sory about the dust on the pub photographs. WEED HEADS is a cover of a Zach Malfa Kowalski photograph



Heres some photo's of NUN from the other night at the always glorious Monday Night Mass. I impulse bought an expensive new camera body (minolta CLE) but have far preferred the output of my iphone lately,i like the CCTV vibe of it


Lower Plenty LP

A photo i took of Hope street is the cover on the Lower Plenty LP which i recpmmend you buy at a good record shop somewhere. Available through Easter Bilby in the USA and Special Award Records in AUS




allo allo.
back from Total Control USA/EU trip with a pile of film i cant afford to get processed yet, not sure where it'll all end up yet,i guess some here and hopefully a book too.

I've started a new page for some upcoming TC trips here www.totaltour.blogspot.com

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